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We, Websiti Internet Solutions, offer world-class enterprise software solution for travel industry. Using our best practices in software development, we develop web-applications in regards to our client's business needs. Our years of working with Java, PHP, Java script and other technologies add to our expertise in the domain. The ambit of tailor-made web-applications, we offer, is specially developed for the travel & tourism industry. Our web applications aim to improve the efficiency of repetitive manual operations through standardized processes and in a cost effective manner.

The unique strategies and business practices applied by us, deliver unparalleled application solutions. Our systematic approach includes initial system study, followed by high-level detailed application design and development, which are carried out by our development experts. The applications developed for travel industry clients have provided valuable process insights to clients and have also helped improve their business processes. Phoenix Travel Software is one such in-demand ERP system for clients from travel agencies and travel management companies.

Phoenix Travel Software:

This end-to-end ERP has become a preferred application for most of our travel agency and travel management company clients. The ERP system consists of fifteen domestic and international suppliers, who are integrated into it. The plug and play capabilities add to the convenience of this integration. Phoenix, an end-to-end ERP, facilitates extensive reporting and business intelligence, while eliminating process bottlenecks and functional difficulties.


  • Account management
  • Campaign management
  • Content management
  • Corporate business trip request
  • Corporate management
  • Detailed utilities report
  • Discount & Fare management
  • Extensive reporting
  • Fleet management
  • Flight booking (travel agents, corporate & individual users)
  • GDS window option
  • Individual user management
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Manage profile
  • Property management
  • Queue management
  • Role management for different users
  • Staff management
  • Supplier management
  • Tour and package management
  • Travel partner management

Functions Supported

  • Front Office - Flight
  • Front Office - Hotel
  • Discount Markup
  • Mid Office
  • Back Office

We are a client oriented firm, hence complete design, development and implementation of our Phoenix Travel Software is done exactly as per client-company's requirement. The application abides by the industry protocols, standards and norms, yet customized to meet your unique requirement!

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